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"I suffered with on-going neck pain for 14 months.  I saw two different specialists and was given no real answers. Within the first three weeks of adjustments at Grace Family Chiropractic, my pain was more than 60% improved.  After only two months, I can honestly say that I am 90% better!  I thank God for leading me to Grace Family Chiropractic!"

- SK -

"Before coming to Grace Family Chiropractic, I had 13 migraines within a 15 day period along with neck pain. Since my second visit, I no longer suffer from migraines! THEY ARE COMPLETELY GONE! I also have more energy!  I can do more things now and can function normal and complete my day!"

     - DCS -

"I came into the clinic for nerve pain in my legs, arms, and hands. My hands also showed signs of arthritis. Through the chiropractic care I have been receiving I've lowered the nerve pain! The arthritis in my hands has totally changed for the better! I also followed the blood type diet and my inflammation has decreased, I am amazed at the changes and I am constantly staring at my hands!"

     - JC -

"Jesus healed me! No more nodules on my thyroid and my blood work is normal!"

     - TH -


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"I came to Grace Family Chiropractic for lower back pain, nerves jumping in my legs, and my hands kept falling asleep.  I now have no more nerves jumping in my legs and less back pain!  I have learned that if you keep your spine adjusted, it helps with everything else!"

     - CT -

"I used to have constant back ache, pain, loss of feeling in my legs, regular attacks of gout, unable to sleep through the night and was overweight.  Now all my previous ailments are far gone, I am no longer taking gout tablets or pain killers, I have lost 30 lbs, and have much more energy! 

Chiropractic has helped improve my spine and posture, as well as improved my diet and made me aware of healthier eating options!"

     - RT -

"I came into the clinic for my joint pain, back pain, and circulation issues.  Since I've been under care, I can now sleep WITHOUT being in pain and I am 100% PAIN FREE!!  I have realized that you don't have to be on medication to feel better.  I got off birth control for PMS, I no longer take ibuprofen for back pain, and I no longer take heartburn medication!"

     - DB -

"Since I was 16, I have always suffered with daily lower back pain.  Doctors repeatedly told me that back pain would be part of my daily life and our goal was to manage it and try and prevent it from getting worse - with surgery as a likely outcome later in life.

Dr. Jessica was the FIRST doctor to tell me that my back pain could be healed - and without medication. 

After 2 months of treatment, for the first time in 15 years, there are days that pass where I am in NO PAIN!  I now have hope and confidence that my back pain will be part of my history and not a part of my future!"

             - KELLY D. -

"I had always been afraid of chiropractic but these doctors have changed that!  After just a few visits, I could turn my neck with greater ease.  Now I look forward to my visits and am a firm believer in the holistic/whole body approach!"

     - MR -

"I came to the chiropractor because I had a chronic cough.  I have gone from constantly using an inhaler to SIX MONTHS cough free!!

     - AV -

"I was having multiple migraines a week and the medication my doctor put me on was not helpful.  Since joining Grace Family Chiropractic, it has now been almost a month since I had my last migraine.  I don't have to leave work anymore because of them either!  I am now on less medications as well."

     - SR -

"Grace Family Chiropractic helped me go from having bad days to feeling like I'm on vacation everyday.  I now have more focus, more energy, and less pain!"

     - B. SMITH -

"I came to Grace Family Chiropractic after being at 2 ER's the same day.  The relief and support I've gained has been incredible.  I can now stand longer and move more freely!"

     - BC -

"Eight years of headaches and migraines is now GONE!  I found the reason for my problem and got it fixed.  I have so much energy!  I can tell a huge difference in my body and in my health from the first visit.  If you have a spine, you should get it checked and watch how God will heal your body!"

     - JENNIFER S -

"I used to have headaches and back pain on a regular basis.  I was very depressed and weighed 205 lbs.  After weekly chiropractic adjustments, incorporating the blood type eating plan, and regular exercise, I am feeling stronger, happier, and fitter!  I now weigh 132 lbs. and have no more headaches or back pain!  Chiropractic has become a lifestyle and has completely changed my life. I take my health very seriously now."

     - JS -

"I am a personal trainer and have been seeing Dr. Jessica weekly for 5 months.  I have never felt better!  I had been struggling with recurring ankle pain stemming from a broken ankle years ago that was preventing me from running like I wanted to.  I also had nagging soreness/pain in my neck/shoulder area constantly. Since seeing Dr. Jessica, I now can run pain-free and I do not have the constant soreness/pain in my neck and shoulders.  This is the first time in over 2 years that I have been able to run consistently pain free.  Thank you Dr. Jessica Lee.  Not only is she an incredible chiropractor

but a sincere, passionate, loving, Christian woman.!"

     - MG -

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